Welcome to Revan’s English

Founded in 2023, Revan’s English emerged with a clear mission: To make high-quality English language instruction accessible to learners across the globe. Our vision is to empower every individual with the power of effective communication, transcending boundaries and connecting cultures.

Your Path to Proficiency

At Revan’s English, we understand that every learner is unique, and so should be the learning path. Our structured courses cater to all levels of proficiency, from beginners to advanced learners, following the globally recognized standards:

  • Level 1: For A1/A2 learners, this course lays the foundation of English language learning.
  • Level 2: Ideal for A2/B1 learners, this course helps solidify language understanding.
  • Level 3: Designed for B1/B2 learners, this course aims at refining and enhancing language skills.
  • Level 4: Aimed at B2/C1 learners, this course takes language proficiency to a whole new level.
  • Junior Course: Specially designed for our younger learners, this course makes learning English fun and engaging.

Each course utilizes one of our meticulously designed books, providing a structured and comprehensive learning experience.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Our instructors are the backbone of Revan’s English. All our teachers are certified ESL instructors, with years of experience teaching English to diverse age groups and nationalities. They adhere to a student-centric teaching philosophy, where the focus is not just on learning but on understanding and applying.

The Power of Group Learning

Our group classes have a maximum of 5 students. This allows for an intimate learning environment where every student gets individual attention while benefiting from peer-to-peer interactions.

Why Choose Revan’s English?

Our commitment to providing high-quality, personalized learning experiences sets us apart. With small class sizes, experienced instructors, and courses tailored to meet global standards, we ensure that every learner’s journey towards English proficiency is smooth, effective, and enjoyable.

Start your language learning journey with us today! Book your first lesson now.